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Cali Colombia

I scanned in my three favorite foods in Colombia. I will add more as I find more pictures. The first is a candy bar called Chocolatina Jet. In each little wrapper there was an animal or a creature of Colombia. You could collect them and put them in a collectors magazine. I was able to collect quite a few of these wrappers because I loved the chololate so much. The only thing close to the same taste, I think, is the taste of dark chocolate or regular chocolate chips. I haven’t had one for almost 10 years but I seem to recall that there was a little bitter taste that made this chololate unique.

The second item is a gasiosa (soda pop) called Pony Malta. It is a Soda drink that tastes kind a like burnt caramel. It is really ghastly tasting the first few times you drink it but after a while it is AWESOME.

The third item is also a gasiosa (soda pop) called Colombiana. It is a Soda drink that tastes kind a like orange but it isn’t orange. It has a unique taste that is all its own. Whenever I test this soda I am time warped back to a little restaurant in Armenia Colombia where I had lunch every week. There would be a little old gentleman that would come buy at the same time each week and would want to shine our shoes for about 50 pesos. Each week I would sit and eat my lunch and drink Colombiana and watch this humble little gentleman sit on his shoe shine box and meticulously shine my shoes. It is something that I will never forget. Just one smell of Colombiana and one sip brings back a perfect recollection of that place.


This is the hub city of my mission, Cali Colombia. The tower towards the center of this photograph is the building where the Mission Home and Mission office was located. This is what each missionary sees as they fly into the airport.

This is not an LDS Temple nor a Church. I only show this Catholic Church to represent a city in which I served. This is Las Lajas that is located very close to Ipiales Colombia. I served in this small city for over 2 months. It happened to be one of my favorite areas.

Ipiales is right on the border of Ecuador. A bridge separates Colombia from Ecuador. I went as far as being half way in Colombia and half in Ecuador. Little did I know I would be crossing that border again to finish my mission, in Ecuador.

Las Lajas


I served in Popayan for only a month but I felt a certain special something for this area. The downtown portion of this city is all painted white. You can see in the photo the Catholic Cathedral and some of the buildings next to it all blanketed in white. It was beautiful.

If you went down town on a bright day, it was almost a necessity to wear sunglasses. We didn’t wear sun glasses to be cool, it was because of the reflection of the sun off the buildings. Well, maybe it was partially to be cool. 🙂

I am still trying to get photo’s of the other areas of my mission. Armenia, Pasto, Palmira. I can show you a way of transportation. The busses did not all look like this one but I rode in my share of “chivas” while in Colombia. Many different colors was a major theme for this mode of transportation. These were usually busses that had routes around the city. There are very nice and comfortable busses for traveling from city to city. It was quite a luxury to be transferred and you might even be able to catch an American Movie. I think I remember seeing Rocky while on a trip to my next area.


Ground for this Temple was broken on 26 June 1993. On September 24,
1998, the gold leaf statue of the Angel Moroni was placed atop the spire, completing
exterior work on the Temple.  The open house has been scheduled for March 29 through
April 17, 1999.  The dedication will be held April 24-26, 1999.

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